Antris is a safety solution designed to protect individuals who live demanding lifestyles and organizations with teams of work-alone employees. It communicates with your mobile phone or GPS device to monitor your safety and automatically notifies the necessary people of a user’s trip progress.


If the unexpected happens, we’ve got your back.

Why Antris?

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Antris replaces processes to keep track of your team, GPS locating, and the need to constantly phone or text people to ensure that they are safe.
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Antris takes the administrative burden and worry out of trips and puts the information in the hands of those who can do something with it in an emergency situation.
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If there is a problem, Antris can notify personal contacts or emergency personnel with a detailed plan, letting them know that something is wrong and allowing them to respond in a timely and appropriate manner.
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TracDash, a feature exclusive to AntrisPRO, is a centralized dashboard that enables Managers to monitor the status and location of their group of members in real time.

All data is stored and produced into customized reports, providing powerful analytics & data-rich insights to improve an organization’s operational workflow.