Your mobile safety & reporting solution.

Improve Workflows

Monitor and improve employee
workflow in the field.

Automate Systems

Automatically track employee mileage
& travel for improved efficiency.

Monitor Safety

Automatically monitor and manage the
safety of your employees.

Save Time & Reduce Costs

Eliminate duplication and inefficiencies
with work alone employees.


Help your team understand
where they spend their time.

Compliance & Mandate

Meet your duty of care and
occupational safety regulations.

Choose the Antris Solution That’s Right for You
Explore our Antris mobile safety & reporting solutions for businesses and individuals.


  • Monitor employee safety and security while on the job.
  • Customized reporting of trip data including mileage.
  • Data-rich insights to improve workflow and compliance.



  • Alert friends/family of your safe arrival at checkpoints during travel.
  • Automatically notify necessary people in case of emergency.
  • Works with smartphones, computers & tablets.


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