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What is Antris?

Antris is designed to automatically monitor the safety of people working and travelling alone, or those involved in high-risk activities. It is a responsive communication solution designed specifically for organizations with travelling, at-risk workers, and companies or associations with work-alone employees.

Our cloud-based solution combines mobile, two-way texting, voice and GPS technologies to enable member’s safe check-ins during a trip. Antris automatically notifies the necessary people of a trip’s progress and of any potential emergencies.

The AntrisPRO administrator’s dashboard, TracDash enables them to monitor the status and location of staff in real-time and to create and assign them to specific trip plans.

Why use Antris?

While people increasingly participate in activities that put them at risk, GPS and web technologies have not been combined to replace largely ineffective paper trip planning and costly human monitoring processes. Antris does not require and special devices, only a smart phone.

Antris provides a reliable method of documenting trips and activity plans, taking the worry and uncertainty out of such activities.

How does Antris work?

How does Antris work?

The Antris solution combines mobile, voice, two-way texting, and GPS technologies to ensure a member’s safe check-ins during a trip. Antris automatically notifies the necessary people of a trip’s progress and of any potential emergencies.

Here’s an overview of how Antris works:

  1. It’s as simple as creating a trip plan to indicate where you are going and when you expect to arrive.
  2. Check-in as you arrive at your location checkpoints or on your preset time interval check-ins. If you forget, Antris initiates the Alert Process. It automatically reminds you via text, email, and voice call to your cellphone.
  3. If you miss a check-in and do not respond to the Antris alerts, your plan enters Emergency Status. If this occurs, an email & text with the details of your trip plan are sent to Emergency Contacts.
  4. AntrisPRO offers team administrators access to TracDash, a centralized dashboard, to assign and update trip plans as well as monitor their team members in real-time
  5. Managers can access and export reports that include statistics such as mileage, locations visited, and hours spent in the field.
How does Antris locate me accurately?

When users enable Location Services on the mobile app, Antris takes advantage of the GPS functionality in smartphones. Depending on the handset specification and satellite positions, accuracy can be narrowed down to within a few meters.

What regions are currently covered by Antris?

The Antris solution is available to members globally and it offers global toll-free numbers for texting and calling in to manage your plans. Please note that texting outside N. America may be limited and/or charges by local carriers may apply.

What if I'm travelling in and out of cellular range?

We know work and adventures can often involve being outside of cell connectivity, so Antris is built to accommodate. Here are the features Antris offers to ensure a seamless member experience:

  1. Out-of-Range Mode: Instead of prompting for a safe check-in at all intended checkpoints, Antris only prompts for check-in on your final arrival (when you are back in text, cellular or voice call range)
  2. Two-Way Texting: This offers an alternative to the mobile app in areas with low data connectivity. Antris offers two-way texting to manage your plans. using our toll-free number, you can check-in, change checkpoint times, deactivate your plan, and issue an SOS – all via text message!
  3. Connectivity Alerts: The mobile app alerts you when you are out of cellular range.
  4. GPS Device Integration: Antris integrates with Delorme InReach and SPOT Gen 2 & 3 devices so you can use them to manage your Antris plan too!
What happens if I go outside data range?

Antris has optimized its communication platforms to work with users in varying data ranges. Antris offers 2-way text messaging because SMS is a store-and-forward service, making it a more reliable means of communication in limited cell coverage areas. Similarly, the escalating Alert Process for missed check-ins is in place to mitigate a false alarm.

How much data and battery is used?

No Tracking: When set to No Tracking, battery life is not noticeably affected.

Emergency Tracking: When set to Emergency Tracking, the app only live tracks during an emergency. When no Emergency is initiated, it will not be tracking and therefore the battery usage is not noticeably affected. Only when the app is Emergency status will your phone use approximately 10% of your battery per hour.

Antris will use approximately 1MB of data for an average plan with 2-4 checkpoints.

Managing Antris Alert Process

What is the Antris Alert Process?

Designed to ensure your safety during a trip plan, the Alert Process automatically escalates through different communication platforms if you miss a check-in. The Alert Process communicates with you via email, text, and voice call.

A text & email request for immediate check-in to avoid escalating alerts.

A text & email notification concerning overdue Checkpoint, and the request for immediate check-in.

An automated voice call will be made to your registered cell phone number requesting a check-in.

After 20 minutes of inaction,  the Alert Process is exhausted and the trip plan enters Emergency Status.

How does my Plan enter Emergency Status?

If your plan enters Emergency Status, it signifies that the plan requires immediate attention and often outside assistance.

An Antris plan can only enter an emergency if you’ve authorized emergency response – meaning that a plan with Emergency Option #1 selected cannot enter an emergency.

Your plan can enter emergency status in one of two cases:

  1. The Alert Process is exhausted without successfully confirming your safety. Once a checkpoint has been overdue for 20 minutes without being addressed or resolved, the plan enters emergency status.
  2. You initiate an SOS, meaning a request for emergency assistance.

If your plan enters emergency status, your selected Emergency Contacts will be notified via text & email immediately.

What is an SOS?

Initiating an ‘SOS’ sets your Antris plan into Emergency Status and notifies your Emergency Contacts of your request for immediate emergency assistance.

How you can issue an SOS during a trip plan:

  • Website: Login, navigate to your Active Plan and click the Emergency button.
  • Mobile App: Login and click the SOS button.
  • Two-way Texting: Text in your PIN to the Antris toll-free number and follow the instructions.
  • Voice call-in: Call the Antris toll-free number and follow the instructions provided.
What are my Emergency Response options?

When creating an Antris plan, you must always choose between one of the two available Emergency Response options. This instructs Antris how to react or who to contact if your plan enters an emergency.

Emergency Responses options are chosen on a plan-by-plan basis.

The two Emergency Response options are:


“I DO NOT AUTHORIZE any Emergency Response on this Antris Plan.”

Your plan cannot enter an emergency. Antris will still monitor your Checkpoints using the Alert Process, but it will not progress beyond Alert #1.

Option #2: Notify EMERGENCY CONTACTS Only

“I AUTHORIZE an automatic Emergency Response Notice ONLY TO MY PERSONAL EMERGENCY CONTACT(S) when an Antris Alert Process has been exhausted or I personally request an Emergency Response.”

If your plan enters Emergency Status, Antris will notify your Emergency Contacts immediately via text and email. Antris will also send them a secure web link to share your plan & profile details.

How is an Emergency cancelled?

An emergency can be cancelled using any one of Antris’ communication platforms. Each platform prompts you accordingly with instructions on how to cancel the emergency. Once an emergency is cancelled, your plan will enter Standby status.

Any Emergency Contacts you have selected on the plan will be notified immediately that the emergency is cancelled.

Privacy & Security

How is my information kept secure?

Antris takes your privacy protection very seriously.

Antris will never divulge your individual private information except as specifically authorized by you as required to use Antris services or as required by law.

Antris uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to securely obtain confidential member information and to transmit private documents via the Internet. SSL is the most widely deployed security protocol used today. SSL secures all communication between you and Antris.

The Antris service and all of the Members’ personal information is stored at a recognized global industry leader in IT data hosting and security.

To the best of our ability, Antris will comply with the privacy requirements of the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the US Privacy Act of 1974.

Who sees my Plans and Profiles?

The accessibility of your Plan and Profile information depends on the Emergency Response option you authorize on a plan-by-plan basis. Read about your plan Emergency Response options for more information.

What information can my Followers access?

Your Followers receive an email notification of your successful check-ins during your trip plan. Followers are not alerted of any plan changes or if your plan enters emergency status; Antris ONLY contacts Followers to notify them when you check-in to a checkpoint.

What information can my Emergency Contacts access?

Emergency Contacts receive a notification via email and text once you depart on a trip plan, make changes to that plan, or if it enters emergency status. In the messages is a secure web link that enables access to your Plan Summary Report.

The Plan Summary Report includes all plan details such as checkpoint locations, times. It also includes profile information, which comprises your Personal Profile, and any vehicle or vessel profiles associated with your Plan.

Getting Started

How do I register with Antris?

All you need to register an account with Antris is your name & email address. Antris will monitor your check-ins and ensure peace of mind for your family and employers.

Click here to get Antris today. It’s FREE!

How do I download the mobile app?

Downloading the Antris Mobile App is quick and easy.

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What happens if I move?

If you acquire a new device or SIM card on your international travels, you need to change the cell number in your Personal Profile to receive Antris messages.

Simply login and click the My Profiles tab then My Personal Profile tab then Edit Profile. Now change the cell phone number to your local cell number. Don’t forget to change it back when you return to N. America.

AntrisPRO and AntrisPRO+ Group


What is AntrisPRO?

AntrisPRO is designed to support organizations with monitoring the safety of work-alone and at-risk personnel.

AntrisPRO features access to added functionality through TracDash that includes user past plans, creating route templates, assigning routes to users, reviewing individual user plan and profile details, and customizable reporting on team statistics.

How does AntrisPRO work?

What is TracDash?

TracDash is an administrator’s dashboard designed to support teams of work-alone and at-risk personnel. The centralized dashboard enables team managers and administrators to access the status & location of their users in real-time.

Other features available through TracDash include viewing all staff past plans, assigning trip plans, reviewing individual employee plan and profile details, customizable reporting on team statistics. TracDash is a paid feature, and access to its web portal is available to AntrisPRO Managers and team administrators. Individual users cannot access or login to TracDash.

What does TracDash display?

The TracDash map displays the location of all users in your group or organization that currently have an active trip plan. Using different colour coded pins, Managers can also see the plan status of each of these team members.

TracDash Legend:

  • Green PIN: safe check-in, plan progressing in order
  • Orange PIN: User has an overdue checkpoint on their trip plan
  • Red PIN: User’s plan is in emergency

If live tracking or emergency tracking is enabled, that location data will also display on the TracDash map. When an admin clicks on a specific user’s trip plan title, the TracDash map will display their trip plan route.


Permission levels in TracDash?

Organization Manager: The Organization Manager sits at the top of the organization’s “hierarchy” with access to the full range of TracDash functionality. Information available to Organization Managers spans across the entire organization. Organization Managers can create and remove groups, add and remove users from different groups or the organization, view all user plan & profile details, and access all reporting.

Organization Observer: Though this user does not have the permissions to make any edits or changes on TracDash, they have the ability to see the full spectrum of plan and profile details for an organization (similar to Organization Observer).

Coordinator: A Coordinator has the ability to create trip plan templates, assign these trip plans to users and update these plans as well.

Groups Manager: A Group Manager controls the permissions for their group or team. A Group Manager can view the plan & profile details of members in their team, as well as access reporting specific to their group. A Group Manager cannot view or access information pertaining to any other groups in the organization.

AntrisPRO Reporting

What is AntrisPRO Reporting?

Accessed via TracDash, each report can be set to your timeframe of choice, whether it’s a day, a week, or a few months.

AntrisPRO reporting includes statistics such as:

  • The number of plans created on the web app vs. the mobile app
  • The number of plans created, activated, and completed
  • The number of emergencies and deactivations
  • Total hours in the field
  • Total mileage
  • Average hours per trip plan
  • Average mileage per plan

Antris takes its reporting one step further with Weekly and Monthly Reports sent to your organization’s administrators. These reports additionally include colour-coded maps of locations visited, a heat map of locations travelled, line graphs evaluating monthly plan fluctuation, and pie charts comparing plan activations per day of the week.

Here’s an example of what Antris Reporting can look like for your organization:



Getting Started

How do I register to AntrisPRO?


The first step to registering your team to AntrisPRO is booking a demo to learn more about our solution and how Antris can to meet your team’s safety needs.

Click HERE to fill out your contact information and an Antris representative will follow up to schedule a demo.

How much does AntrisPRO cost?

Click here to view our AntrisPro Subscription Costs.