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Forward-thinking managers can save thousands of dollars a year in administrative costs and keep their work-alone staff safe.

ANTRIS is a Safety & Location Monitoring solution designed for work-alone, off site or at-risk personnel.

Antris communicates with your worker’s mobile device, automatically notifying the necessary people of a trip’s progress. If your worker doesn’t check-in, Antris immediately contacts them to resolve the incident. If your worker doesn’t answer, or sends an SOS, Antris requests assistance from your designated Emergency Contacts to ensure your worker is okay or get them help.

Who is this for?

  • If you want to keep your lone workers safe…
  • If you need to know if something goes wrong for your worker…
  • If you burn administrative time with an inefficient process…
  • If you suspect your manual check-in process is not compliant with safety regulations…

Understanding Canadian Work Alone Monitoring Legislation

You have 3 options:

  1. Do Nothing. You have no safety process. You open your organization up to compliance fees and costs associated with a search and rescue scenario.
  2. Do It Yourself. You implement your own safety process on a whiteboard or the side of someone’s desk. Unfortunately, it usually …
    • is not compliant with safety regulations
    • fails due to staff absences or error
    • consumes administrative staff time
    • does not provide real-time locations when something goes wrong
    • won’t make your staff feel safe
  3. Antris. Work with Antris. We provide you with a safety compliant, automated solution providing real-time location data. Easy to administer. Cost-effective. Reliable.

Some of our many features:

Antris Lone Worker Mobile Safety


INTENSIFY check-in urgency with automated escalating alerts to Member and then to Manager if the Member doesn’t check in via the mobile app.

Antris Lone Worker Mobile Safety


BLAST out an SOS anytime. Emergency Contacts will receive a secure link with all the Members plan details in real-time.

Antris Lone Worker Mobile Safety


BOOST your team’s coverage by using a GPS or Satellite device.

Antris Lone Worker Mobile Safety


CAPTURE real-time location data on Tracdash, your web-based portal.



Hear from some of our happy customers!

    “Our staff can quickly add in their appointments for the week into the system, and not worry about checking in with multiple staff for safety calls. Antris takes the worry out of it and allows my staff to get back to the business at hand.”

    Jessie Rodger, M.S.W., R.S.W.
    Executive Director
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area

    “Antris eliminated the need for us to have administrative staff who were doing the manual check-in following and the use of phone calls, distracting employees from their day-to-day operations. The use of Antris is easy. Click of a button, check-ins occur.”

    Murray Kopp, M. Land. Arch.
    Director | Parks Services
    Regional District of Central Okanagan

    “The Antris app provides my team with a solution to a problem faced with working alone in remote areas around potentially hazardous conditions. The TracDash console is a valuable tool that provides me with the peace of mind knowing my team is safe when conducting their work. Ease of use, immediate notifications, and the ability to customize options for emergency response are all features that make the Antris app the ideal choice. Coupled with quick and helpful customer support, I am glad to be working with the Antris team.”

    Matt Derro
    Specialist, Flood Infrastructure & Hydrometrics
    Toronto and Regional Conservation Authority

    “Our organizations original policy required the field worker to call a contact back at the office every 30 min. This was not ideal as there was potential for human error as the contact at the office could forget that they are expecting a check in call. Just prior to switching to Antris, we changed the system to just text or post a message in Microsoft Teams. This was a quick process, but again there could be potential for error monitoring the duration between check ins as people are distracted throughout the day. The peace of mind with a backup system in place (default to next contact should the primary contact not respond) is where we get best benefits from the app.”

    Anonymous Client


    TracDash is an administrator’s dashboard designed to support teams of work-alone and at-risk personnel. The centralized dashboard enables team managers and administrators to access the status & location of their members in real-time.

    Other features available through TracDash include, assigning plans to members for future use, customizable emergency contacts and data driven reporting.

    Benefits & Outcomes

    Here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

    • You will implement a new operational safety process for your team.
    • You can forget about wasting administrative staff time tracking your lone workers.
    • You will begin saving $1000’s of dollars a year in < 1 week.
    • You can finally get rid of your old manual check-in process.
    • You will decrease liability exposure that can save you upwards of $1M in fines/penalties/jail time.
    • You will feel confident knowing that you are taking care of your team’s safety needs in the right way.

    Choose Antris as your lone worker safety solution.

    We look forward to working with you.