As a staff manager, I want to stay in touch with my staff, so they come home safely.

Your KPI’s Demand:

• Safety Monitoring
• Regulatory Compliance
• Happy Connected Workers

Are You In Compliance?

Safety is your top priority and it’s ours too.

Our mission is to protect every lone worker with a smartphone.

An automated safety process ensures your staff get home safely.

Canadian Health and Safety has awarded Antris a 5-star reward for being a top safety software solution.

Antris - Automated Safety App & Location Monitoring Software

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“Manual check-in process can easily fall apart.”

“Antris ensures we are compliant with current safety regulations.”

“At a glance I can see where my team is in the community.”

“Our old safety process took 10 hours a week. Now that Antris is being used our team is seeing a decrease in the amount of time they spend arranging call partners and consulting calendars.”

Here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

You will implement a new operational safety process for your team

Experience operational efficiencies and increased productivity

Ensure your organization is compliant with safety policies

Your confidence will rise knowing your people are accounted for at the end of the day.

Choose Antris as your
lone worker safety solution.

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