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What is Antris?

ANTRIS is a Personnel Safety & Location Monitoring solution designed for organizations with work-alone, offsite or at-risk personnel.

Antris communicates with the users mobile device, automatically notifying the necessary people of a trip’s progress. If a scheduled check-in is missed, Antris immediately contacts the victim to resolve the incident. If contact fails or an SOS is received, Antris immediately requests assistance from designated Emergency Contacts so appropriate action can be initiated.

Trac Dash Mobile Safety Travel Plans

AntrisPRO offers administrators access to a centralized web dashboard (TracDash), enabling them to monitor the status and location of personnel in real-time.

AntrisPro Plans can be created by users or assigned by administrators. User generated plans may require administrator approval if required.

The Antris reporting tool compiles customized reports, providing powerful analytics & data-rich insights into the organization’s operational workflow.

  • Monitor employee safety and security while on the job.
  • Customized reporting of trip data including mileage.
  • Data-rich insights to improve workflow and compliance.

Your mobile safety & reporting solution.

Want to see Antris in Action?

Location Safety Monitoring


Automatically monitor and manage the
safety of your employees.

Safety compliance

& Mandate

Meet your duty of care and
occupational safety regulations.

Save time and money

Save Time &
Reduce Costs

Eliminate duplication and inefficiencies
with work alone employees.

Improve Work flow

Improve Workflows

Monitor and improve employee
workflow in the field.

Automated mobile safety monitoring

Automate Systems

Automatically track employee mileage
& travel for improved efficiency.

Accountability reporting


Help your team understand
where they spend their time.

Choose Antris as the mobile solution for your safety and reporting needs.

Choose Antris as the mobile solution for your safety and reporting needs.

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