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Your people are in the field every day and you need them to get home safely.
Your KPI’s demand safety monitoring, regulatory compliance and happy connected workers.
Antris communicates with your worker’s mobile device, automatically notifying the necessary people of a trip’s progress.

If your worker doesn’t check-in, Antris immediately contacts them to resolve the incident. If your worker doesn’t answer, or sends an SOS, Antris requests assistance from your designated Emergency Contacts to ensure your worker is okay or get them help.

Canadian Health and Safety has awarded Antris a 5-star reward for being a top safety software solution.

Antris - Automated Safety App & Location Monitoring Software

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“The Antris app provides my team with a solution to a problem faced with working alone in remote areas around potentially hazardous conditions.

The TracDash console is a valuable tool that provides me with the peace of mind knowing my team is safe when conducting their work.
Ease of use, immediate notifications, and the ability to customize options for emergency response are all features that make the Antris app the ideal choice. Coupled with quick and helpful customer support, I am glad to be working with the Antris team.”

Matt Derro
Specialist, Flood Infrastructure & Hydrometrics
Toronto and Regional Conservation Authority

Here’s what is going to happen when you work with us:

You will implement a new operational safety process for your team

Experience operational efficiencies and increased productivity

Ensure your organization is compliant with safety policies

Your confidence will rise knowing your people are accounted for at the end of the day.

Choose Antris as your
lone worker safety solution.

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