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Groundbreaking app is a virtual safety net incorporating GPS and state of the art communications technologies

London, Ontario July 10th, 2015: Local start-up Antris has developed a revolutionary personal security application providing peace of mind to both businesses and individuals. Whether working on a remote job site or travelling to and from meetings, Antris keeps users connected to employers, family members and, if necessary, first responders.

Antris combines innovative GPS, web and communications technologies to replace antiquated and ineffective personal safety processes. Antris’ goal is to address a significant gap in the provision of safety and security for millions of workers, adventurers and employers in our rapidly changing global environment.

Antris is already in place at Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area:

Our team serves a large community of almost 3000 square kms. We have previously grappled with how best to ensure our safety during travel and encounters with the public. Antris provides an instant snapshot of where our team is, when they’re due back and most importantly if they are in need of support. Our work with Antris gives our team the confidence and security that is essential in delivering our mission.”  – Jessie Rodger, M.S.W., R.S.W., Manager, Service Delivery

In addition to cost effectively building in a layer of security for teams working in the field, Antris allows managers to look critically at their individual and group workflow. Antris generates a clear and detailed picture of how time is being spent in the field, allowing decision makers to make informed choices regarding how resources can be best deployed.

Antris allows me to see at a glance where my team is, how often they are in the community and where they are spending their time. This information is incredibly important in planning our work, it helps us manage change in the populations we serve, helps us identify future opportunities and partnerships, and it significantly enhances the efficiency and accountability of our organization. – Jessie Rodger

Antris generates tailored reports through its unique Tracdash system. TracDash offers a centralized dashboard that enables group administrators and project managers to more effectively direct their groups, as well as get employee plan progress updates in real time.

Kaila Beattie, Antris President:

“Antris creates an instant and sustained connection between workers and supervisors, fellow colleagues and, in cases of emergency, local first responders. Setting check-in locations in advance frees employees to focus on their goals and work confidently knowing they are safe. On a remote worksite or working in a challenging urban environment, Antris provides security and peace of mind.”

Antris is currently available in both the Google Play and Apple app store.