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“Our staff could easily spend up to one hour a week (a half day a month) on arranging for safety calls with our previous “buddy system”. This ended up being about $100 of wages per employee (close to $1000/month for the organization).”


Located in the heart of the City of London, Ontario, Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area (BBBSOLA) is a non-profit organization that services the London and Middlesex County area in Southwestern Ontario, Canada. For nearly one hundred years, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been making a positive difference in the lives of our youth by developing and implementing a wide range of mentoring programs through our community-based, school-based, one-to-one, and group programs.

For over 45 years, BBBSOLA has been helping young people who were coming through the court system who needed a caring adult in their life to mentor them. Today, BBBSOLA has grown to an organization with just over 800 volunteers, covering over 3,000 square kilometers of the community.

Although the organization is comprised mainly of volunteers, BBBSOLA has approximately fifteen staff members that are responsible for a number of activities such as in-home visits, school visits, and recreational outings. Such activities often present travel or personal safety risks and the need to ensure monitoring of trip plans in order to tabulate travel mileage/costs, as well as acquiring, analyzing and reporting on our activity data and organizational reach in our community. Manual processes, thumb-tack mapping and buddy-systems were used to monitor out-of-office activities, staff safety and reporting. These were time consuming, inefficient and inaccurate. A solution was required to provide automation and precision in order to improve efficiencies, reporting, data accuracy and costs.

While engaging in discussions with both Kaila Beattie, the President of Antris, and Jessie Rodger, the current Service Delivery Manager of BBBSOLA, a solution was presented that would eliminate a number of challenges faced by the managing office of Big Brothers Big Sisters. After a brief demo and short onboarding process, AntrisPro was quickly implemented into their daily work routine.

For safety monitoring, engagement specialists and coordinators use Antris to confirm safe arrival and departure when engaging with new volunteers during home visits. At a glance, the management team is aware when a worker departs, where they are, when they’re due back, and if they are in need of support.

In addition, Antris has provided them the ability to track mileage automatically and provided a detailed report of total mileage travelled for each user, which was essential to management reporting.

The management at BBBSOLA were now able to assess and evaluate areas of improvement for essential time-management by giving a snapshot of staff time in the community, frequency, and areas of improvement. Antris also captured data for numbers and frequency of each trip travelled.

Jessie Rodger, M.S.W., R.S.W.
Executive Director
Big Brothers Big Sisters of London and Area

“I’m so pleased that we have a reliable, professional service that takes the worry out of the work we do to ensure that everyone on our teams is safe, supported and knows that help is readily available. The data that is collected and shared has dozens of other features that can help us increase our level of service and help to ensure that not only are we safe and accounted for, but that our bottom line is stronger.”

“We have previously grappled with how best to ensure our safety during travel and encounters with the public. Antris provides an instant snapshot of where our team is, when they’re due back and most importantly, if they’re in immediate need of support. Our work with Antris gives our team the confidence and security that is essential in delivering our mission.”

About Antris

AntrisPro also provided a number of time and cost-saving opportunities. An additional person was not required to be available when employees need to check-in to ensure safe arrival and departure, saving almost $1000 per month. Documenting mileage tracking, which was a long manual process taking 2 – 3 hours to complete, is now an automated process. Previous manual mapping of each trip’s locations is now displayed on a heat map, providing opportunities to better manage personnel and resources.

We enable organizations to minimize safety risks for their traveling or work-alone employees by monitoring and immediately notifying administrators of potential emergency incidents in real-time. Using our industry-leading monitoring solution, positioning technologies, proactive real-time monitoring, and response, we can capture real-time data essential for workflow management and analytics. Our innovative solution, Antris, fulfills the organization’s duty of care for employees, mitigates potential liability, improves work-flow accountability, and saves money.

Antris Lone Worker Mobile Safety
Antris Lone Worker Mobile Safety

Antris provides everything needed to protect and support lone workers or traveling employees in one complete package, including:

  • Automated tracking, monitoring and response for traveling or lone workers.
  • Cellular and GPS communications, without dependence on satellite communication devices.
  • Custom escalation and response according to your organization‘s specific needs.
  • TracDash Console reporting tool enables real-time visual group activity and usage monitoring as well as specific project staff coordination.
  • Location mapping for all travel plan checkpoints, including street addresses and latitude/longitude mapping.
  • SOS response


TracDash is an administrator’s dashboard designed to support teams of work-alone and at-risk personnel. The centralized dashboard enables team managers and administrators to access the status & location of their members in real-time.

Other features available through TracDash include, assigning plans to members for future use, customizable emergency contacts and data driven reporting.

Trac Dash Mobile Safety


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