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How can I assign a Plan?

> AntrisPRO: Plan Assignment

Please note that you must be granted ‘Coordinator’ or ‘Manager’ permissions to create, assign and update trip plans for members in your group. Plans can be assigned from plan templates that have been created on TracDash.

1. Click ‘Plan Assignment’ from the navigation menu displayed on the left-side of TracDash.

2. Click the ‘Assign Templates’ button on the upper right of the webpage.

3. Using the dropdown menus available, choose the ‘Template’ you want to assign, and the employee you want to assign it to.

4. Make any necessary changes to the plan. Add a transportation profile or companions that will be joining the employee on the trip plan.

5. Once complete, click the ‘Save’ icon.

Once a plan is assigned, the member will automatically get a text & notifying them of the plan.

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