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What is a Profile?

> Antris: Managing your Profile

Each Member has a profile associated with their account. It stores personal information, transportation details, activities and any additional information you deem relevant. Your name, email address, cell number, and 4-digit PIN # are the only mandatory fields in a profile. The more you store, the better; this information can be critical if the unexpected happens.

All profile information is stored securely and available for re-use.

Your Profile is broken down into several categories:



Personal information and optional notes.



Contact information and profiles for your Group Administrators, Emergency Contacts, *Companions and *Followers. *No access to your Profile Information.



Checkpoint information (nicknames, addresses, time zones)



Information specific to your different modes of transportation on a Plan (vehicle, vessel, etc.)


Private & Confidential:    Privacy Policy


Profile information is confidential. Your profile is ONLY shared with Emergency Contacts via a secure web link with your Plan Summary when your plan is activated or enters Emergency Status. Group Administrators have access to Group Member Plan Summaries including associated Profile information through TracDash.


Edit your Profile Information:

1. Once logged in, click the ‘My Profiles’ tab.

2. Click the profile category you want to edit.

3. Click the ‘Edit Profile’ button.

4. Once you’ve completed editing your Profile details, don’t forget to click the “Save” icon.

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