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What if I’m travelling in and out of cellular range?

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We know work and adventures can often involve being outside of cell connectivity, so Antris is built to accommodate. Here are the features Antris offers to ensure a seamless member experience:

  1. Out of Range Mode: Instead of prompting for a safe check-in at all intended checkpoints, by setting the Out of Range Mode on your Personal Profile advanced options before departure, Antris will only prompt for check-in on your final arrival (when you are back in text, cellular or voice call range). You can still check-in whenever you wish.
  1. Two-Way Texting: This offers an alternative to the mobile app in areas with low data connectivity. Antris offers two-way texting to manage your plans. using our Global toll-free number, you can check-in, change checkpoint times, deactivate your plan, and issue an SOS – all via text message!
  1. Connectivity Alerts: The mobile app alerts you when you are out of cellular range.
  1. GPS Device Integration: Antris integrates with Delorme InReach and SPOT Gen 2 & 3 devices so you can use them to manage your Antris plan too!

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