How does Antris work?

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Use Antris web based tools and templates enable you to create Plans and Profiles. Include as much information as you want to save for future use and make available in case of an emergency. This secure and confidential information is only made available to designated Emergency Contacts and Group Managers.

You can include as many Time Interval OR Location Checkpoints as required and make each Checkpoint either Monitored or Un-Monitored by Antris. We automatically start the Antris Reminder & Alert Process early sending text, email reminders to Check-in on each upcoming Monitored Checkpoint 15 minutes before the Check-in time.

Check-in anytime at, on our Mobile App, by Voice Call or two-way Text using our global toll-free number. To verify your identification, calls from your registered telephone, cell or SAT numbers, will be prompted for your 4 digit PIN # to login. If you call from another phone or Call ID is not successful, you will be prompted for your 10 digit registered cell number followed by a prompt for your 4 digit PIN #.




If we cannot confirm your safety and security with the Antris Alert Process and if Emergency Response is Authorized in your Plan, we will start an Antris Emergency Response Process.

Depending on the Emergency Response option authorized in the Plan, Antris will issue an Emergency Response Request to your designated Emergency Contacts, including access to the most current update of your Plan Summary information including Profile information associated with the Plan.

Information details in Plans and Profiles can be critical to a rapid, effective recovery effort if an unforeseen emergency situation arises. Automated Security so you can Travel Safely knowing Antris has your back.


GET STARTED NOW!      Antris is FREE to use for individual Members!

  1. Register as an Antris member with your name, email and a password. AntrisPRO Group members will receive an  email invitation to complete Registration from their Group Admin.
  2. Create a Plan on the Antris Mobile App or Website. Antris monitors your check-ins. Group members may have plans assigned to them by their Group Admin.
  3. Check-in on the mobile app at your preset time interval check-ins or as you arrive at location checkpoints. If you forget or are unable to check-in, Antris initiates the Alert Process, automatically reminding you via text, email, and voice call to check-in.
  4. If you miss a check-in and do not respond to the Antris alerts, your plan enters Emergency Status. If this occurs, an email including your Plan Summary, text and voice call-out, are sent to Emergency Contacts with a request to respond to your situation immediately.
  5. AntrisPRO offers Group Administrators access to TracDash, a centralized dashboard, to assign and update trip plans as well as monitor their team members in real-time. Managers can access and export Reports that include statistics such as mileage, locations visited, and hours spent in the field.