How do I integrate my GPS/Satellite device with Antris?

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First, you must pair the GPS device with your Antris member account.

We know you may travel in and out of cellular range, so Antris offers GPS/Satellite device integration to accommodate. This means devices such as your Spot and Garmin inReach can be paired with your Antris account. Using these devices, you can access the following functionality:

  • Check-in OK on your Antris Plan
  • Initiate an SOS and immediate Emergency Status
  • Deactivate your Antris Plan (STOP)



  1. Pair the Satellite/GPS Device with your Antris user account as a member of an organization:
    1. Sign into the TracDash administrator’s dashboard.
    2. Select ‘Members’ from the left navigation menu.
    3. Select the Member you wish to assign a Satellite GPS device.
    4. Select ‘Edit Selected Member’ from the options at the top right of the screen.
    5. Enter your Satellite GPS’s IMEI number into the ‘Satellite Phone ID (IMEI)’ field.
    6. Select ‘Save” to save your changes.

  2. Set up your Satellite GPS Device to communicate with Antris:
    1. Open a browser and log in to your Satellite/GPS Device account. Antris supports both Spot and Garmin inReach devices.
    2. Set the programmable preset message options to communicate with our secure endpoint email addresses using the following format:
    3. Save your changes and sync your Delorme or Spot device.

  3. You must activate your plan on mobile app before departing on your plan.

  4. While on an Active Plan (departed from the mobile app), select any of the custom preset message options from your Delorme or Spot to create a new checkpoint at your location. Message can indicate you are OK, STOPPING, or need as SOS accordingly.



GPS Device: GPS devices can only SEND preset messages from your device to their active plans. Without a dedicated email and cell phone number, Antris is unable to send you direct emails/texts. You will have to keep top of mind when your next checkpoint is due.

Satellite Device: Satellite devices with their own email address and telephone numbers will be able to receive incoming emails/texts from Antris as well as be able to send outbound preset messages to their active plans.

If you lose connection and have access to a mobile/satellite phone you can call into our toll-free number to stop a plan or initiate an SOS. (855) 792-4890