How Antris Works

Antris is an easy­-to-­use tool that makes monitoring your safety quick and easy. Our cloud­-based solution communicates with your existing devices – including smartphones, computers, tablets, and satellite messengers – and ensures your safe check-­ins during a trip.

Antris automatically notifies the necessary people of your trip’s progress or potential emergencies.

Antris Lone Worker Mobile Safety

Trip Planning

It’s as simple as indicating your time check-in schedule OR where you are going and when you expect to arrive. Antris is a robust platform that can take into account multiple checkpoints, contacts, and trips that span varying periods of time. You can also securely store your personal and transportation information.

  • *NEW Require scheduled time interval check-in only? Not a problem
  • *NEW Require plan to be assigned to users by an administrator? Not a problem
  • Require multiple time or location checkpoints? Not a problem
  • Adding checkpoints using addresses or GPS ­coordinates? Not a problem
  • Going away for a long time? Not a problem
  • Need to track trip mileage? Not a problem

Departure & Checkpoints

When you are ready to go, simply activate your plan by confirming your departure. Then, check­-in on your scheduled check-in times OR as you arrive at your predetermined checkpoints until your plan is complete.
If you forget, Antris will remind you.

Lone Worker Mobile Departure Plans
Mobile Man Down System

Emergency Response

If you miss a check-­in and do not respond to the Antris alerts, your plan enters emergency status. In such cases, an email and a text with the details of your trip plan will be sent to your designated emergency contact(s).

Group Monitoring

For Managers and Administrators of teams, AntrisPRO offers access to TracDash, a centralized dashboard to monitor the status and location of their team members in real­time. Access and permissions can be customized to your organization’s specific needs.

Trac Dash Mobile Safety
Safety Data Reporting

Data Reporting

Antris data is valuable. That’s why we store all historical trip plan data and use it to produce customized reports for administrators. Reports share powerful analytics and data-rich insights into an organization safety and operational workflows.


Trends are analyzed and maps are generated to help organizations improve regulatory compliance management, and risk and liability mitigation. Antris also computes mileage estimates for each trip plan to assist with managing employee expenses.

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