The security & reporting solution for homecare and work-alone employees

The Antris team solution, for organizations with work-alone or at-risk personnel, provides a powerful combination of safety monitoring, communication and reporting. With minimal setup, Antris provides automated safety monitoring and data collection designed to enable your organization to save time and reduce costs while improving team safety and workflow.

Antris communicates with your existing mobile devices, automatically notifying the necessary people of a trip’s progress. If a Time Interval or Location check-in is missed or an SOS is received, Antris immediately contacts the victim to resolve the incident or if contact fails, requests assistance from designated Emergency Contacts so appropriate action can be taken.

AntrisPRO Plans can be created by the User or the administrator for assignment to the User. Completed plans can be recovered and edited as new plans.

AntrisPRO offers administrators access to a centralized web dashboard (TracDash), enabling them to monitor the status and location of all plans and personnel in real-time.

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How Antris Impacts Your Organization

Employee Monitored Safety

Monitor Safety

Reinforce your peace of mind and your organizations culture so your team feels valued and looked-after while allowing them to confidently work anywhere. Workers know they will get help where and when they need it most.

Employee Monitored Safety

Compliance & Mandate

Meet your duty of care and occupational safety regulations while reducing corporate liability risk through proactive and reliable monitoring, incident response and data retention. Use performance data to demonstrate your organization’s mandate and commitment performance to stake holders.

Employee Monitored Safety

Save Time & Reduce Costs

Antris is a fully automated solution that does not rely on manual buddy systems, admin safety monitoring, call center resources or special communication devices.  Antris’ cloud hosted services work with your existing smartphones, computers and tablets, which means no need for expensive new devices, software or third party services.

Employee Monitored Safety

Improve Workflows

Antris reporting enables access to powerful travel, location and performance analytics as well as insights to improve your operational workflows. Trip plan mileage is automatically collected and stored to assist with travel and expense reimbursements.

Employee Monitored Safety

Automate Systems

Antris is optimized to reduce the demands and distractions that workers face on the job, enabling your team to focus on business at-hand.

Employee Monitored Safety


Antris gives you a great accountability snapshot of staff time and serves as a tool to help your team understand where they spend their time, how often they are off site and where workflow improvements can be made.

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