Antris is pleased to introduce its newest addition to the Antris safety solution: Time Interval Monitoring.

Time Interval monitoring provides an alternative to Antris’ current Location Based check-in process, integrating seamlessly with our safety and communication solution. Time Interval Antris Plans enable users to automatically check-in based on a preselected frequency.

Antris’ Time Interval solution is designed to support users and organizations who do not always follow a predictable location-based route or are at one location for a longer duration, requiring multiple check-ins at the same place.  The Time Interval solution is ideal for organizations with work-alone or at-risk personnel, and individuals making personal safety a priority while traveling.


Here’s how it works:

  • Ahead of departure, plan users or administrators select check-in frequency (for example, one, two or three hour intervals)
  • Antris calculates users’ check-in times based on confirmed departure time
  • Check-in reminders are communicated to users before each scheduled check-in is due via text message
  • Antris automatically records users’ actual locations at each scheduled check-in
  • If the unexpected happens or a check-in is missed, Antris will instantly initiate an Alert process to confirm the user’s status. If necessary, Antris will then notify managers or emergency contacts.


The option of predetermined time-based check-ins increases the scope of Antris’ communication and safety solution. Integrating with the existing Antris solution, the reporting tool is now able to compile customized reports based on users’ locations, supporting insights into organizations’ and individuals’ operational workflow and mobile safety.

The new Time Interval solution is available on Apple and Android mobile devices and is integrated across our Web, Text and Call-in platforms. For more information about how the Antris solution can support your organizational or personal safety, or to request a free demonstration, contact us today.

About Antris

AntrisPRO is a safety and communication solution designed for organizations with work-alone or at-risk personnel. It communicates with mobile devices, automatically notifying the necessary people of a trip’s progress. If a check-in is missed, Antris instantly initiates an Alert process to confirm the user’s status, followed by notifications to managers or emergency contacts if necessary.

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