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“Antris eliminated the need for us to have administrative staff who were doing the manual check-in following and the use of phone calls, distracting employees from their day-to-day operations. The use of Antris is easy. Click of a button, check-ins occur.”


The Regional District of Central Okanagan (RCDO) Parks Services maintains 30 Regional Parks protecting over 2,100 hectares of parkland throughout the Central Okanagan of British Columbia. RDCO Parks Services employs more than 40 full time and seasonal workers to oversee and maintain all aspects of Parks services in the region.

RDCO has been using Antris for over 2 years to improve their ability to monitor and respond in real time to potential safety incidents for workers in the Parks. The timed interval checkin solution works perfectly for their needs.

The RCDO lone worker sets how long between checkpoint times and gets text messages reminding them when the check-in times come due. If something goes wrong and a checkin isn’t received or the member manually triggers an emergency SOS, Antris automatically starts tracking their phones and alerts their managers immediately with all the details and GPS points for their plan.

Murray Kopp, M. Land. Arch.
Director | Parks Services
Regional District of Central Okanagan

“We were just using a phone check-in system. We actually had our employees phoning in every couple of hours to check in with our office staff and then following simply an Excel spreadsheet check to make sure that everything’s okay. I was looking for an app that would allow us to use a working alone check-in process with a cell phone technology. That’s where Antris came into play.”

“Antris eliminated the need for us have administrative staff who were doing the manual check-in following and the use of phone calls, distracting employees from their day-today operations. The use of Antris is easy. Click of a button, check-ins occur.”

“I know the staff have described that they’re generally pretty happy with the safety program that we’ve got in the regional district parks department. Antris plays a part in that.”

“I think it was easy to work with Clyde and the team at Antris when we first joined. Identifying the number of users and then the licensing fees that’s attached to the users has made it relatively seamless for us to operate through. Antris staff have been responsive when we’ve had challenges around implementing with new staff changeovers and things like that. Overall, I think the experience has been pretty positive.”

“Worker safety is a paramount issue in most organizations like mine. Antris has proven to be easy to implement. Easy and cost-effective.”

“Our previous system of regularly scheduled employee phone calls & digital record keeping which moved to the RDCO acquiring the Antris App system in 2018 have both served to ensure RDCO Parks employee safety has always been maintained while employees are working alone. Since 2018 we have experienced that the Antris system is more efficient than our older phone call / record keeping approach as the Antris App automates employee check in reminders and supports an easily accessed & digital record keeping system. The Antris system has 3 an added benefit of geo locational tracking using an ESRI GIS based mapping system and the employee mobile phone data if that employee requires emergency response assistance.”

Monitor Safety

Automatically monitor and manage the
safety of your employees.

Compliance & Mandate

Meet your duty of care and
occupational safety regulations.

Save Time & Reduce Costs

Eliminate duplication and inefficiencies
with work alone employees.

Improve Workflows

Monitor and improve employee
workflow in the field.

Automate Systems

Automatically track employee mileage
& travel for improved efficiency.


Help your team understand
where they spend their time.


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