What is Antris?

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Antris is an automated SaaS solution designed specifically to monitor a user’s safety while travelling or working alone. Antris communicates with smart phones on multiple communications platforms.  If the user fails to confirm their safety as scheduled on our easy-to-use app or by text or voice call, Antris will automatically initiate an Alert Process to remind the user to check-in. If the user’s safety cannot be confirmed or the user initiates an SOS at any time, Antris initiates an Emergency Process and communicates the situation to designated Emergency Contacts. Users can initiate an SOS at any time.

For organizations with Groups of workers or volunteers, , AntrisPRO and AntrisPRO+ (features & pricing) include our TracDash administration dashboard for group and individual user monitoring, reporting and plan assignment.  Antris automates lone worker safety and gathers data for reporting location workflow analytics: enabling organizations to better manage workflows and gain efficiency, risk mitigation and savings.  Antris addresses the legal duty-of-care responsibility of directors, officers and management to ensure the safety of employees.