Do you ever wonder how GPS tracking works? How does a small device in your car or phone know where you are and track your movements? In this post, we will discuss the basics of GPS tracking and how it works. We will also explore some of the benefits of using GPS tracking for businesses and individuals.

GPS Tracking Process & Main Types

GPS tracking works by using a network of satellites to triangulate the location of a device. The GPS system is made up of 24 satellites that orbit the earth. These satellites transmit signals back to earth, which are then received by GPS devices. GPS devices use these signals to calculate their exact location.

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There are three main types of GPS tracking: real-time tracking, passive tracking, and active tracking. Real-time tracking is the most accurate type of GPS tracking. It uses a constant connection to the satellite network to calculate the location of a device in real-time. Passive tracking also uses the satellite network to calculate the location of a device, but it does not have a constant connection. This means that the location of the device is only updated when it is turned on and connected to the satellite network. Active tracking uses a different method to calculate the location of a device. It uses cell towers and WiFi networks to triangulate the position of a device.

How GPS Tracking Helps Businesses & Lone Workers

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It’s critical for you, as a supervisor or operator, to constantly be aware of the whereabouts and status of your team members. Antris makes use of expert GPS tracking equipment. You can track the whereabouts and activities of your team members in real-time with our app. With TracDash, you can keep track of your team’s activities at all times. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everyone is always present and safe.

When employees check in, Antris uses GPS logging to precisely pinpoint their location, and the reports offer historical location information for all previous travel plans. Managers can boost resource efficiency, increase compliance and safety, and increase staff productivity using Antris. Download our app on Andriod and Apple.

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